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Legal Works offers a wide range of legal jobs, nationally and internationally.  So if you are looking for legal work or legal jobs based in London, Home Counties, Thames Valley, other UK regions, mainland Europe & the Middle East including the United Arab Emirates & Dubai then contact us.

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Legal Works is looking for talented and experienced Solicitors, Lawyers, in-house Legal Advisors / Legal Counsel & Professional Support Lawyers.  If you fall into any of these categories then give us a call on 0845 505 6060 or e-mail us at



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We know you will have seen it & read it all before, particularly from Recruitment Agencies, so don’t expect a website full of words.  We are strong believers that ‘well done’, is better than ‘well said’, preferring to rest on our actions and the end results.

Take a quick peek at the key features and call us to find out what we can do for you.

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THE COMPANYlegal recruitment london

Legal Works is a specialist independent legal recruitment company dedicated to providing innovative, bespoke recruitment solutions for a select range of quality clients both in-house & private practice, national & international.

Legal Works has been set up by a group of like minded individuals keen to focus on the positive aspects of recruitment.  Fed up with the constraints imposed on them by the larger organisations they worked for in the past, they determined to shrug off these shackles and invest time money and energy in a new, lean entity able to trip nimbly through the legal recruitment jungle.  

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The philosophy we apply and operate under constantly and consistently at Legal Works is one of complete openness & honesty. The free flow of information is the key to ensuring the recruitment process is a positive experience for all. We find adopting this policy means that clients & candidates return to use us again & again.


For clients we secure candidates through a unique combination of search - headhunting targeted & named candidates & through selection - reviewing our extensive data-bases, as well as utilising a range of advertising optionsFor candidates we adopt a thoroughly pro-active attitude.  We do not want to act as mere postman like so many other agencies, we want to work for our money & actually find you a job.  We go out into the market and work it hard on your behalf, shaking our huge network tree.  Lateral thinking we find does get results.

In this way we leave absolutely no stone unturned and significantly bend the odds towards a successful placement.  You’re all happy, we’re all happy!

works for you

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Here at Legal Works we believe that there is a job out there for everyone.  We are prepared to spend time listening to and advising in detail those of you who knock on our door.  We take the view that good solid advice at this stage means securing the ‘right’ job for you and client alike.  That’s probably why we have a long list of candidates who we have placed successfully who come back to us again and again as candidates and prospective employers.   



Legal Works provides executive recruitment services for a wide range of well known legal players, dealing with top City & international law firms, as well as boutique practices.  We have particular experience & exposure in recruiting across all skills in the City & specifically for US firms, including a strong focus and expertise in Technology, Telecommunications & Media.

We also have vast experience in supplying quality legal & support staff to in-house corporations from FTSE / Forbes listed organisations to thriving SMEs & entrepreneurial start-ups.